Our certified, professional guides will accompany you to some of the best paddling destinations in southeastern North Carolina. Not only are these guides extremely skilled in the water, they’re also knowledgeable about the plants and animals that call these remote coastal reaches their home.

Regardless of whether you’ve paddled coastal waters before, or have yet to sit in a kayak, we think you’ll find that our small group sizes and the personal attention our guides provide make our excursions very special.

Where would you like to go?

The Black River

There are few forests left in the world whose trees have never been cut by man. The Black River flows through one of those special places: lush, mysterious and lined with bald cypress trees that date back an estimated 2,000 years.

This wild, enchanting ecosystem is home to a wide range and large number of animals. We’d love to help you discover it!

  • Tour length:  about 6 hours plus shuttle and drive time
  • Group size:  2-8 people
  • Tour cost:  $100.00/person

Masonboro Island

When locals want to enjoy a great day at the beach, away from the crowd, they come to this seven-mile stretch of uninhabited barrier island, accessible only by boat. Here you’ll find plenty of space to wander and daydream among thousands of acres of dunes and salt marsh. Some of the many things you may see are unfamiliar migratory birds, dolphins in the surf and sea turtles.

  • Tour length:  3 to 4 hours
  • Group size:  2-8 people
  • Tour cost:  $60.00/person

Shelter Creek

Maybe you’ve heard the term “blackwater.” As you paddle along Shelter Creek, you’ll be surrounded by this slow-moving, tea-colored water, whose reflective qualities have you seeing double!  The dark color, so common in rivers and creeks of the Carolina coastal plain, results from the large amount of tannic acid leached from trees lining these waterways.

Join us and see (double) for yourself!

  • Tour length:  3 to 4 hours
  • Group size:  2-8 people
  • Tour cost:  $70/person

Rice Creek/Town Creek

Come explore a different face of the blackwater environment. Because Rice Creek has almost no current, its plant life is different from what you’ll find at Shelter Creek and other waterways. While most blackwater forests are dominated by bald cypress, oak and gum trees, the Rice Creek canopy is composed largely of pond cypress, slippery elm and burl blighted gum. You’ll also see more species of water plants, fungi and wildflowers here among the still waters.

This is our shortest and easiest blackwater tour, and it’s the perfect choice for folks with botanical interests!

  • Tour length:  3 to 4 hours
  • Group size:  2-8 people
  • Tour cost:  $60/person

Cape Fear Islands Exploration/ Shark's Tooth Island

The lower Cape Fear River is steeped in history and culture. Its broad stretches are dotted with islands, natural and manmade. In some respects, the manmade islands, formed of dredge spoil from the river bed, are more interesting than their natural counterparts, because they are composed mostly of marl, a type of fossil-filled limestone.

Beachcombing here is unlike that of any other place. You’ll discover fossils, shark teeth, shells, driftwood and human artifacts as you meander along the shore.

We offer a range of tours on the Cape Fear and we hold some of our advanced skills courses in this stretch of river.

  • Tour length:  3 hours
  • Group size:  2-8 people
  • Tour cost:  $60/person

Multi-day expeditions

What’s your dream destination: Masonboro Island? Lea-Hutaff Island? Cape Lookout National Seashore? Call us to suggest or discuss.


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