Navigation I


Ever been to a strange city and realized you were lost? Not fun. Ever been lost on the water? Uh oh!! 
Navigating on water is not so different from navigating on the road. If you know what to look for, there are the open water equivalent of signs, streets, sidewalks and highways. What you don't have are speedometers, odometers, curbs or paint on the pavement. 
Since much navigation is done at home on the dining room table, the first half of this class is taught around a table on land. In the second half, we apply our newly learned skills to the water. 
Subjects we cover:
  • Chart reading
  • Aids to navigation
  • Compasses and the compass rose
  • Hydrology and meteorology
  • Course plotting
  • Staying found
  • Piloting vs. dead reckoning
  • Application
  • Class length:  8 hours, plus lunch break
  • Class size:  2-5 people
  • Class cost:  $125-$80.00/person
  • Required materials:  NOAA chart no.11537, pencil, ruler, some type of compass.
  • Suggested materials:  deck compass, parallel rulers.
  • Total geek out:  dividers, nautical slide rule, Small Craft Navaid, water proof note pad.