Already gotten your feet wet? Want to learn to kayak on your own? We can help you master the basics or improve your skills at any level. Our certified instructors teach ACA (American Canoe Association) approved classes for Levels 1-4, and help students progress at their own pace.

At Watersmith Kayaking, we believe anyone can paddle. We also believe anyone can paddle better and enjoy it more by taking instruction, practicing and being coached. Our instructors will ensure that you master the basics of craft maneuver, understand the quirks and qualities of coastal waterways, and approach succeeding skill levels with a firm grasp of fundamentals. 
We offer classes in basic paddling, navigating, sea kayaking, coastal kayaking, rolling and rescuing. We also train trip leaders. Click on each of these terms for a description of the curriculum. 


Level 1

If you are a beginner considering buying a kayak, have just bought one, or have been paddling on your own for a while and want to enjoy paddling more, this is your class.

We’ll instill rock solid fundamentals, the skills that every kayaker needs to know regardless of type of boat or type of paddling. 
  • Boat nomenclature
  • Gear
  • Loading and un-loading
  • Boat fit and posture
  • Launching and landing
  • Basic safety and hazards
  • Propulsion strokes
  • Maneuvering strokes
  • Class length:  3 hours
  • Class size:  2-5 people
  • Class cost:  $65.00/person

Level 2

When you are ready to move forward and start to learn more advanced strokes and paddling concepts, this is your next class. In this class we work on:

  • Improving propulsion
  • Advanced maneuvering
  • Boat edging
  • Bracing
  • Water and weather
  • Class length:  3 hours
  • Class size:  2-5 people
  • Class cost:  $65.00/person

Level 3

When you feel you have a firm grasp on the skills and concepts taught in Levels1 and 2, it’s time to apply those skills to more challenging water conditions. Level 3 students will face real-world scenarios and conditions and will be taught safe management of them. 

  • Paddling in current
  • Paddling in wind
  • Paddling in wind waves
  • Water and weather II
  • Group management

*Instructor approval required for participation

  • Class length:  4 hours
  • Class size:  2-5 people
  • Class cost:  $80.00/person