Coastal Kayaking

Coastal Kayaking


This class is intended to prepare intermediate paddlers for day trips on the coastal waters of North Carolina.  Students in Coastal Kayaking will learn the basic skills and knowledge necessary to safely plan and paddle day-long trips on the state’s inshore waters.  
Students will not be paddling in the ocean, nor is this class a preparation for open- water paddling. To participate, you’ll need solid Level 2 skills (see above).
Here are some of the specific subjects we cover:


  • Basic chart reading
  • Route planning
  • Piloting
  • General safety
  • Wind, tide and current
  • Rules of the road
  • Gear

We provide: information handouts and copies of appropriate charts.

  • Class length:  6 hours
  • Class size:  2-5 students
  • Class cost:  $110.00
  • Required materials:  some form of compass (deck, orienteering, zipper toggle . .)